A Skeptics Manifesto Reading Questions Discussions



A Skeptic’s Manifesto
Michael Shermer. Pp. 41-46

NOTE: The format for this RR is different than the previous ones as you have five questions to answer. The heading, however, should be the same as in previous RR’s. The remainder should be formatted as follows:

a) I expect that you will answer questions 1-4 with quotes from the reading

b) Make sure that, however you answer question number 5, you provide a reason or reasons for your answer

c) I expect that this assignment will be more than one page in length

Answer the following questions from the reading:

1) What does Shermer identify as the “key to skepticism”?

2) What does Shermer mean by “skeptic”?

3) How does Shermer define “science”?

4) According to Shermer what is the difference between a “theory” and a “construct”?

5) After reading this article are you ready to add your name to this manifesto (meaning you agree with his skeptical perspective?) Explain.


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