Anti Natalism Benatar and Plato Discussion


(1) David Benatar argues that “being brought into existence is not a benefit but always a harm.” Why does he think this is so? What roles does self-deception play in all of this? Lastly, it has been argued that if Benatar is right, then there is little reason to refrain from committing suicide. How might Benatar respond to this claim?

(2) Why does Plato believe that the ideal state cannot coexist with the private family? Why does Plato believe that although guardians cannot have private families, the producers (the economic class) ought to be allowed to have families? Why does Aristotle believe that Plato’s argument of common rearing among the guardians is impossible?


Mark Regnerus, cheap Sex; the Transformation of men, Marriage, and Monogamy (Oxford: Oxford University press,2017).


PLATO; parents and children (31-53)

David Benatar; why is it better never to come into Existence.


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