Ashford University Change Theory Meets Change Reality Discussion


Discussion 1: Change Theory Meets Change Reality

Applying research and evidence-based knowledge about change enhances the ability to effectively advocate for change that improves the teaching and learning of diverse learners and students with exceptionalities. In addition to your exploration of transformational and authentic leadership in the previous module, consider the readings and media on change leadership, specifically strategies in this module that apply change theory to the management of change in real-world education contexts. In this Discussion, you explore three change models that reinforce the concept that it is preferable to manage change rather than have it manage you.

Inherent in all of the models is the value of structured approaches to successfully manage change. These approaches include such elements as proactive and regular communication from a leader regarding the vision and the progress of change; the need to listen to and address stakeholder concerns; and the ability to empower stakeholders by providing tools to make change happen successfully, while consistently and positively supporting the change process. Consider how you might view the change theory models in the context of implementing change related to special education in your school setting, at the local, community, or at the district level.


Briefly describe the recent change related to special education in your local school, community, or district related to special education. Then respond to the following questions:

·Did the change reflect the stages of the three change models? If so, identify which model and support your rationale with evidence from the text.

·What role did the leader(s) play managing the change?

·How did the leader(s) support the people tasked with implementing the change?

·What role did the leaders’ communication play in the change?

·If you had been a leader in this situation, what suggestions might you offer to better implement the change?

Be sure to cite this module’s media and Learning Resources, using proper APA format, as you craft your analysis.



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