Ashford University Special and Bilingual Education Discussion


To prepare:

Review all module Learning Resources on library usage and researching.

Review resources on current and seminal information in the field of special education.

Select one issue that you identified in Module 2 as a possible focus area for your capstone product (e.g., dissertation, applied study project).

Based on the issue you have chosen, conduct further research on your issue to:

o Identify one seminal article from a professional journal, written at least 10 years ago, by an important scholar in the field of special education.

o Identify 5 primary articles, written within the last 5 years on your identified issue in the field of special education.

o Identify 2 articles considered to be secondary sources.

o Identify at least two credible websites related to your identified issue.

Begin to build your working bibliography in APA format. Make sure that any of the resources you find are credible and pertain to your area of interest.

Submit a 23page paper that includes the following two parts:

Part 1: Reference List

Create a reference list of the 10 resources you found along with a brief synopsis (3–5 sentences) of each resource.

Part 2: Resource Summary

Choose two of the resources you identified that seem most relevant to your selected issue and provide a 1- to 2-page summary answering the following questions:

o How do you know that each of the articles is credible or non-credible?

o How do you know that each is a primary source?

o How do the findings and implications identified in each of the resources illuminate your thinking about your selected issue in the field of special education?

Note: For this Assignment and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style (7th edition).


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