Atmosphere and Meaning on Citizen Kane Movie Film Analytical Review


Film 2 Analysis on the movie Citizen Kane

Typed, Double Spaced, 12pt.- Times new roman, 1” margin.

Answer the following questions in a minimum of 2 full pages (maximum of 5) using complete sentences in essay form. Do not space between paragraphs. Make sure to indent new paragraphs.

Give explanations WITH EXAMPLES to help describe all details. Only use Examples from the film shown in class.

DO NOT PROVIDE A SUMMARY OF THE STORY, WE’VE ALREADY SEEN IT. DO NOT REVIEW THE FILM. Time spent summarizing the plot of the movie will not help your grade. Instead, please respond to ALL the following questions
in the form of an essay. (A simple way to do this is to make each set
of questions, below, its own paragraph. Please don’t include the
question numbers in your paper.)

1. First, explain what is meant
by mise-en-scène in film. Next, how is the mise-en-scène of this film
used as a cinematic tool to help tell the narrative? Select a key scene
in the film. Make note of the elements of design. Does it indicate
things about the events and characters that go beyond any dialogue? Give
examples from the film in which the director is trying to convey
meaning through mise-en-scène. Be specific as possible. Make sure to
discuss specifically the various elements of design, and how it is used
in this film (setting, props, décor, lighting, costumes, makeup, hair).

Select a key scene in the film (Do not use the same example from #1).
Make note of the composition within the frame in key shots. Where are figures
placed? Does it indicate things about the events and characters that go
beyond any dialogue? What is the relationship among the figures in the
foreground, middle ground, and background?

3. Does the film employ
lots of camera movement or very little camera movement? By camera
movement, does the camera physically move during the shot (do not
confuse this with changing camera position through editing). Give an
example. Describe how the use of a moving or still camera complements or
detracts from the development of the narrative.


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