AU The Lasting Influence & Contributions of The Greeks in Society Presentation


The Lasting Influence of the Greeks

It has been said that “the foundations of Western civilization (American culture, in particular) rest firmly on the bedrock of classicism” (the ideals, ideas, styles, and accomplishments of ancient Greece).

Prove that quote by creating a PowerPoint of at least 10 slides with at least 5 graphics to show the profound influence of the Greeks on our society in these areas:






Pop Culture/Advertising (Greek characters and mythology referenced in books, movies, TV shows, toys, games, and ads, for instance)

Provide explanations in sentence form and offer specific examples in each category. For instance, when discussing literature or philosophy, include the names of those most important to those fields and provide the titles of literature and the contributions of the philosophers.

Please conclude with a slide acknowledging your sources of information.

To receive full credit, you must have 10 slides with 5 graphics, cover all 6 areas specified, and include your sources.


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