BC Enhancement and Cheating Implications for Policy in Sport Discussion


Pick one of the two articles attached below to answer this question

this responses should be 2-3 pages in length (no more than 750 words). One half of the response should be a summary while the other half should be a critical response to the article. A good critique not only points out an issue but explains why the issue is an important one. You should bring up at least 2 criticisms. You are required to respond to one article. You can do a second article response if you choose, I will count the highest grade toward your final grade! Your grade will be assessed using the following criteria:

(1) – clear writing. These are short responses so being too wordy or unclear will drastically affect your ability to meet the 3 page maximum. Lack of clarity also affects my ability to assess your criticisms.
(2) – accuracy of summary. Did you leave out any important points? Did you seem to understand the article?
(3) – quality of your criticism. Did you consider the best possible criticism or was your criticism easily handled by the original article itself or with a basic understanding of the thesis of the article?

(4) – explanation of why the criticisms are important. Did you explain your criticism sufficiently?


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