Berkeley City College Virtual Field Trip Paper


Please do virtual field trip at

  • Organize your post using the following points:
    • Point 1: Description of your field trip visit and why you choose it
    • Point 2: How the field trip related to four philosophical concepts. Use numbers to 1-4 to delineate four points of connection to the philosophy of religion course.) Spend 2-3 sentences on each point.
    • Point 3: The impact of your visit on you personally or how it relates to a contemporary issue
    • Point 4: Include a creative expression of your field trip (such as photographs, a poem or journal entry, a video statement, some musical expression related to a response to your visit.

    FOR point 2 choose topics such as the importance of religious rituals, buddhist principles (suffering or peace for example), good vs evil, or any other concept that ties religion with philosophy.

ATTACHED is an example post.


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