Blind Swordsman Japanese Film Review Paper



Here is how the review will be graded:

Grading criteria is as follow (10 points total):

1. On-time Submission

2. Length(300-400 words)

3. Pick one scene from the required film this week

4. Originality (Your own idea about why and how the scene is impressive)

5. Reference to assigned reading

6. Image

7. Clarity of expression (appropriate grammar; clear meanings of words

8. Coherent structure of argument (No bullet point or itemization)

9. Present the Keyword from this week’s lecture

10. Explanation of the keyword

Film: Blind Swordsman Zatoichi (Zatoichi, Kitano Takeshi, 2003)

Reading: Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Kurosawa: Film Studies and Japanese Cinema (Durham: Duke University Press, 2000), 207-234, 412-418.

this week’s keyword is contradiction, here are some words from professor for you to better understand:

Hollywood style entertainment. Because of that, the militaristic government of the wartime Japan needed to control, needed to ban genetically. But on the contrary, after the end of World War II, the US occupation control today entity as a representative of the premodern sensibility. It’s incorrect. But they needed to do that. The occupation needed to do that because they didn’t want to take any chances, take You don’t want to take any risks. They ignore the fact that he was a modern entertainment, mortar and genre. So this week’s keyword is contradiction. Okay. The story is set in premodern Japan, but the appearance, the styles are very mortar. More time, militaristic government control design for its style, it’s American modern style. But now the postwar occupation they controlled, decided key for its narrative, for its setting. It’s pretty more than setting. Premodern narrative. Especially the store, the use of sewer inches diagonally could be seen as the result, as the symbol of premodern mentality. The sword shouldn’t be shown on the screen. That’s what are the allied occupation service. So because of that, the number of today did you produced in Japan decreased drastically. As I said, she died. It was the most popular genre in Japan since the 19 twenties.


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