BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico Timeline Presentation


Create a powerpoint presentation that 1) presents the key features of your case; 2) explains the basics of the style of ethics you chose; and 3) utilizes the style of ethics to analyze the case.

The topic I chose is: BP Gulf Oil Spill https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/jun/29/bp-oil-spill-timeline-deepwater-horizon.

– Please use the link above to collect the needed information about the topic to complete the assignment.

– Do not pitch this to someone who knows all of this. Pitch it to someone who is not familiar with any of this.

– Choose one style of ethics to complete the assignment. For example: utilitarianism.

– Lay out the basics of the case in the PowerPoint then lay out the basics of the style of ethics that you’ve chosen in the PowerPoint and then utilize the solver ethics to analyze the case.

– The length of the PowerPoint should be about six to seven minutes.


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