California State University Northridge Locke Hume and Hobbes Discussion


Topic 1:Locke

  1. Explain Locke’s view on how we come to form ideas about the world. What are the different kinds of ideas we form. How are these different kinds of ideas related to each other? Give examples
  2. Explain Locke’s distinction between the primary and secondary qualities of objects. Give examples. On which qualities should science and philosophy focus?
  3. How do we remain the same person over time? Give Locke’s answer. Use examples.
  4. If you agree with Locke’s answer, present your reasons. If you disagree, with Locke’s answer, explain why.

Topic 2: Hume

  1. Explain Hume’s view of how we come to know and understand the world.
  2. Hume is regarded as a skeptic, explain why. How does his skepticism apply to the reality of causation and the rational justification for inductive knowledge?
  3. What is Hume’s claim about the nature of the self? What is it? Does it exist?
  4. If you agree with Hume on the nature of the self, explain why. If you disagree, present your reasons.…

(link for hume reading)

Topic 3:Hobbe

Briefly explain, Hobbes theory presented in the Leviathan. What is the Leviathan? Why it is necessary? Do we have something equivalent to a “Leviathan” in our own political system?


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