Caterpillar University Natural Human Rights and Philosophical Principle Discussion


How to pick the topic:

Find a single scene, from the attached storybook (Georgia book 1 chapter 1 to book 3 chapter 3) (attached), is like an action that occurs and explain the anomaly and see something that really thought is always odd did not flow the way you expected there in a way that was just unexpected good or unexpected bad.

Then, link it to a philosophical principle from the Human Rights book (attached) that would be the spirit of this anomaly.

This is the professor example about how to pick a scene:

I’m sorry I tried to write what he was saying, but you will understand his point :

“So we’re going to stick to the story and for example, there’s a main character Jefferson who I mentioned, he goes up to Boston, because he wants to get away from the south, and he finds it so great. After all, the racism in Boston to this progressive different. So, I mean, you see the cell you say, oh, here’s the anomaly might be you know that he thought that there were parts of the country that were free of prejudice, and that and he found that there weren’t and so that’s an anomaly. And so I’m thinking what philosophical principle for the first book (Human Right), could I bring me a cinco look at level one secondary good for being able to fit into your community, if you have practice you tap into community you’re denying people a level one secondary but in the table of embeddedness and see how that would be trying to connect something from the first book to a scene out. So, anything that’s from book one chapter one to book three chapter three that which is what you’re going to meet How funny is turning me this this committee presentation is different. You find one scene that that struck you in some way”

The Rubric:

Student Committee Report Grading Rubric

Each student will receive an individual grade for each committee report based upon the categories below. Grades will be accumulated and averaged for the course committee grade.

Assessment marks: √ = expected level; √+ = above expected level; √- =below expected level

Category One: Did the student accurately represent the philosophical point in his or her presentation?

Category Two: Did the student advance the logical investigation of some aspect of the philosophical point in a “pro” or “con” evaluative stance?

Category Three: Did the student connect the abstract philosophical point to some events in the contemporary world in which the student lives?


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