College of San Mateo Jumanji Film Review Preparation Discussion


Please read this assignment carefully:

  1. Review our assigned chapter covering Writing for Film.
  2. Choose one film you would like to write about. It should not be a film viewed in this class. Write one clear thesis paragraph. Be really clear on your thesis. A thesis can be a simple question about the film for which you want to answer. You don’t have to use fancy words (or hide behind them). The thesis can be stated as simply as…”In this paper, I will be analyzing the …..” Here is a good step by step example for developing a thesis statement: (Links to an external site.)
  3. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Research online and through our library to find three different source types that support your topic. List these sources.
  4. A newspaper article about your film.
  5. A video online (not the film trailer, but something that supports your thesis. Is there an interview with the filmmaker?
  6. An academic journal (research using the Library database. To start your research for the academic journal article, log into: (Links to an external site.) YOU CAN USE THIS DATABASE ON OR OFF-CAMPUS, BUT YOU MUST HAVE A LIBRARY CARD.
    For academic research and writing, I suggest starting with the following three online search catalogs.
    Literature Resource Center
    Pro Quest Research Library
    Academic Journals are peer reviewed. Some examples of Academic journals focusing on Cinema are: Screen, Project MUSE, Quarterly Review of Film and Television, Film Comment.
  7. After posting, respond to at least one fellow student’s post. Discuss their three chosen sources. How credible is each text, author, publisher?
  8. Remember: For full credit you must also respond to at least one other student, further stimulating discussion.


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