Covid Containment Advantages of Quarantine Essay


You should have an introductory paragraph in which, you want to describe what you are going to do or how you are going to proceed, and if appropriate, you state a clear thesis or position — what you will argue. It might be that you are responding to several questions in your paper. In that case you will have several thesis. Then, in the body of the paper, you should give reasons and examples to defend, support and clarify your positions or thesis. Don’t merely state opinions without offering evidence or reasons. Also consider counter arguments to your arguments. That is, you should consider what somebody opposing your position would say, and answer those objections. The better you answer to those objections the stronger your argument. Finally, you should have a concluding paragraph, where you briefly review what you covered, and possibly what you did not cover, and what other connected questions could be left to investigate in a different paper.

Take one of the following two ongoing events: 1) The recent instances of police brutality and

killing of unarmed African Americans (for instance, some people say that the current cases of

police brutality need to be stopped and police need to be held accountable, the other side says

police are only doing their job and they need the space to keep society safe; which is the truth?).

2). The best response to contain the damages of the Covid19 pandemic (for instance, some

people say that we need to cuarenteen for as long as possible, others say we need to continue

working because of the economic consequences of cuarentining; which is the truth?). Show

how the coherence theory of truth operates to form attitudes or possible policies or actions.

Think for instance, what the different sides of the debate say, and how that works to produce

the “truths” for each side. What different claims are made that cohere together to create or

support the truth of each side (such as their desired policies or beliefs)? Do the claims on one

side cohere better than the claims on the other side? Do the claims on each side still need to

correspond to reality? Does this correspondence occur more on one side than on the other? If

there is no clear truth emerging through the coherence theory of truth, is this disparity of

“truths” a problem for the coherence theory of truth? Why or why not?


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