CUNY What Part of The Course Was Most Difficult for You Post & Pre Class Questions



Format: Copy and paste the below into a new document, then answer these questions.

Rubric: For the questions that are not about our course content, just answer them thoughtfully.

For questions about course content, be accurate, cite or quote our text, and edit your answers for clarity before final submission. If you do not wish to answer specific questions, it’s ok, just say “pass.”

How will this be graded? You most likely know by now because you have heard my feedback over these past two months.

But if you remain unsure of how this will be graded, come to office hours and ask. If you cannot make those, Canvas message me and we can set up a time.

I have attempted to make this course about learning, and not your grade. You are not alone in completing this. You can ask me for help on this assignment, just as on any other.

Give yourself a breather and ask for my assistance if you are lost. I am here to help!

Recommendation: Do not submit this too quickly. Some of you wrote rubrics for an A, B, C and so on for our last Discussion Board. You should wait until those have been considered. This course ends on 3/26, but I will allow you to submit until 3/29 at 11:59 PM, which is a strict deadline.


Pre-Class Questions:

  1. Once again, offer a brief biographical statement.
  2. Why did you enroll in this course?
  3. Was the course subject matter what you thought it would be?
  4. How many hours per week did you think you would need to use for our course? Include class times, or watching recorded videos, and anticipated study time.


Logic Questions (All answers need to reference our text and what we have studied together this semester. Explain and support what you say here by quoting our text and other resources as you think appropriate. If you are not sure, you can ask me.):

  1. What is an argument?
  2. What is the technical definition of a deductively valid argument? Now give an example of a deductively valid argument a child would understand.
  3. What is the technical definition of an inductively strong argument? Now give an example a child would understand.
  4. What is logical analysis?
  5. What is the intension and extension of Grossmont College?
  6. Define our college ostensively first, and then operationally.
  7. Define our college persuasively.


  1. Upload any short clip here that you find argumentative. Identify 5 non-identical fallacies discussed in Chapter 4.
  2. Choose one of those fallacies, how is truth related to those fallacies? (Hint: Discuss arguments.)


  1. Upload a different short clip here about an issue concerning morality. State the argument. Then symbolize the argument using three sentence symbols.
  2. Use a truth table to show the argument is valid or not.
  3. Could you use natural deduction to show the same result as in 12?
  4. Now state the content of the clip as a moral argument.
  5. Is the moral argument deductive?


  1. Use analogical reasoning to argue against a heavy beer drinker who thinks marijuana should be illegal.


  1. Watch Raskin’s speech and then explain what is a necessary condition for unprotected speech. Week 6 Viewing: Rep./Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin’s Closing Argument in the Second Impeachment Trial (VIEW)
  2. Write a complex rule for unprotected speech.
  3. Can you guess from Representative Raskin’s presentation where the Rule of Law about unprotected speech comes from? How is analogy related to your answer?


  1. What is truth analysis?
  2. How is truth analysis related to the content of our course?


Post-Class Questions:

  1. What part of the course was most difficult for you? What part of the course was easiest?
  2. What forces external to you obstructed your course performance the most? (No need to divulge personal information. You can just say a personal matter if that was the biggest obstacle.)
  3. What forces internal to you obstructed your course performance the most? In other words, how could you have improved your comprehension of Logic, or your understanding of what we have studied together over the last four months? (Again, no need to get personal.)
  4. Are you glad to almost be on Spring Break?
  5. If you were to assign yourself a grade, what would that grade be? (This has no bearing on your actual final grade.)


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