DBRG 400 Lynn University Philosophy General Relativity Einstein Question


How did Einstein’s theory of relativity support or disprove concepts of absolute space as proposed by Newton?

Your paper should have an introduction with a clear thesis that previews your argumentation. You should also take time in the paper to address possible counter arguments to your claim, but to show why these arguments are wrong (e.g.: some may say that X…but this is not correct because Y).

Papers should be 2500 to 3000 words (approximately 10 pages). Title page and reference page do not count for the word count. APA style. Include at least 3 peer-reviewed sources, in addition to the Hawking and Newton readings for class.

Evaluations of the paper will be based on:

-following assignment instructions

-your demonstrated understanding of Einstein, Newton and any others you bring into the paper.

-dialogue paper requirements (see rubric below)

Papers failing to meet the word count will be deducted 10 percent per 100 words short/in excess of the requirements.

*All material needed is provided by me except the peer review sources must be checked by me before being used


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