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Ethan Robles

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It’s hard to overlook the rise and fall of numerous production studios and companies over the past 10-20 years, and the similarities shared between filmmaking then, and filmmaking now. With Disney taking over the film world with its brand such as Marvel and Star Wars, the popularity of action and comedy oriented films are at an all time high. This is very comparable to the direction new genres were approaching, starting in the 1920s with comedy becoming more prominent. Another parallel we face today unfortunately is the effect of widespread illnesses. Throughout 1918 and 1919, the Spanish Flu caused almost all theaters and production to shut down in the United States, 80-90% to be exact. As a result of this, many established and up-and-coming studios had be bought out, the most notable purchase consisting of Paramount Pictures and Famous Players being bought by Adolph Zukor. This is almost exactly like the current COVID-19 pandemic we are amidst. We saw all movie theaters worldwide come to a close for several months and film production being delayed or canceled entirely. Only theaters in relatively safe states and counties are beginning to open since shutting doors over six months ago.


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