DePaul University Enron Scandal Two Perspectives of The Scandal Discussion


Web Searches.

The drill is rather simple, and it allows for significant freedom of choice on

your part (this is the essence of philosophy!)

First, you are on your honor when I ask that you examine a number of articles on the assigned

topic. Then, select two articles that offer different perspectives on the topic. They may be

pro/contra, or pro or contra for differing reasons, or even perspectives from different time

periods. (This option I find quite interesting.) This allows for a variety of viewpoints from

which I learn, and later in the term I’ll ask you to share some of your searches with others,

with mutual comment. More on this later.

Summarize the articles’ content and finally comment on both the quality of the articles and on

the topic itself.

1-2 pages, standard margins, and please include the links to the articles.

Here are the specific topics:

Web Search #1:


Choose articles that present different perspectives on this American

debacle. (It might be difficult to find a pro-Enron article!


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