East Los Angeles College Animal Testing and Animal Cruelty Discussion


25 words minimum for each response.

1. When I think of animal testing and animal cruelty, I think of those who are against wearing fur or using animal to test cosmetics but there are also tests for scientific purposes. There has been the use of various types of animal but the main animal that I read about is mice. They use mice to try and figure out different ways to combat human mental and physical illnesses. (Holden, 2016) Based on what I read the reason why mice and rats are commonly used for scientific purposes is because of their similarities to humans and because they’re small and easy to maintain. (Bryda, 2013) In order for people to test on animals they must present their case in front of an ethics committee to justify their actions. The committee will then decide whether the benefits of the new treatment they will test are equal or greater than the harm that will occur to the animal. (Holden, 2016). I think I would compare this to Utilitarianism, the ethics committee will decide if the action will produce the greatest good for the greatest number. (“Utilitarianism,” 2020) There are alternatives to animal testing like cell cultures or even volunteer studies. I read that there are scientists that have already created “coax cells” in 3D structures which could be used for new testing therapies. (“Cruelty free international, n.d)

2. The term “Animal testing” is known as the procedures for using animals for scientific experiments. The researchers use animal testing for numerous purposes. For example, researchers want to determine the effectiveness of new medications, confirm the safety of products designed for humans, develop solutions to medical problems, advance scientific understanding, other health care uses, and so on. The use of animals for research leads to controversial issues involving ethical considerations. One article that I found was about an animal testing laboratory in Germany that involved the brutal treatment of monkeys. According to the article, the monkeys were restrained by braces and smacked against a door frame. (Williams, 2019)

The technicians were treating the animals violently, and it is ethically insupportable. The animals were being abused and were faced with inhuman mistreatments that cause the monkeys to have extreme suffering. There are undoubtedly alternative methods to animal testing, such as cell-based alternatives. According to Cruelty-free international, cell cultures can be an essential alternative to detect dangerous chemicals. There is also another way, which is a computer model that can replace animal research. Nowadays, technology is continuously advanced, and computer models may be used to conduct virtual experiments. The implementation of non-animal procedures should be developed to minimize the use of animals.


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