ENC 1101 Miami Dade College Transcultural Nursing Theory Essay


Madeline Leininger

Instructions: Find the following information from the assigned Theorizer

1. Find the information of the theorizer assigned in the Suggested Book: Models and Theories in

Nursing if you don’t have the facility of the book look for information by the reliable network.

2. The written work includes Cover, Introduction and Conclusion (minimum 2 paragraphs of 5

prayers each)

3. Make a summary considering the following aspects:

to. Theorizer’s name

b. Biographical data (what he did, contributions …)

c. Theory Name

d. What is your theory based on?

and. Describe your main assumptions or metaparadigms.

F. Analyze how theory is used or why it is important in our profession

4. The work must be typed in Time New Roman, letter # 12 double space,

check spelling and synthesis.


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