FAU Agents of Socialization Learning Processes Family & Religious Socialization Essay


Instructions: Choose three different groups that you are a part of. This may include a religious group, family, school, community, neighborhood, media, etc. These are the “agents of socialization.” These groups should be specific, meaning, do not just choose “school.” Rather, pick one school you have attended, such as a university, your high school, or middle school. The more specific the group, the better your write-up will be.

  1. Introduction: Briefly provide an explanation of the three agents of socialization you chose and why you picked them. For top points, consider answering the following:
  • Which groups did you choose?
  • Are they recent or from long ago? Are they short-term or long term?
  • Why have these groups been so influential in your socialization?

2. Content: The main body of your essay should tell the story of your involvement in these three groups. Use your sociological imagination to analyze the socialization process. However, you must include the content listed below. Papers that do not clearly identify the sociological content will not receive a grade above a C. Reference course material, and include the following:

    • Describe the group and how you came to be a part of it: Who is in the group? How are they related to you? Why did you join the group? Was this a choice?
  • Describe your status within the group: What is your status? How did you come to have that status?
  • Describe three of your roles within the group: What is each of these roles? How did you come to have those roles?
    • Describe one example of class, sex/gender/sexuality, or race that you’ve experienced as a member of this group. Remember that we experience class/sex/race both in privileged and marginalized groups. Why was this experience notable in this group?
    • How did being a member of this group contribute to the development of your self/identity?
    • Keep in mind that you need to be as thorough as possible. I expect you to use, define, and apply an example from your life for ten (10) course concepts. At least half (5 concepts) of the course concepts must come from Module 5. Only course concepts that are bold and underlined will be graded.

3. Conclusion: Explain the ways your life choices constrained and enabled by these agents of socialization. For top points, consider answering the following:

  • What does it mean to look at your life through a sociological lens?
  • Does it change the way you look at how you were raised, or how you came to be involved with these groups?
  • In what ways to do you see the different agents of socialization interacting? For example, how do the institutions (such as family and school) interact to reinforce similar values/norms/beliefs? In what ways do institutions conflict and thereby promote opposing values/norms/beliefs?
  • What new questions or perspectives do you find yourself asking or exploring, based on your use of your sociological imagination?

Formatting Guidelines:

Papers should be 3-6 pages, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font. You do not need a reference page if you are only using material from the course (Powerpoints and readings). Be sure to refer to the title and author of the course reading when you are using an example or quote in text. Please proofread for spelling, grammar, and paper organization. For clarity, please bold and underline the required course concepts. Only concepts that are in bold and underlined will be graded.


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