FITV 1001 Physical Comedy Life Is Beautiful 1997 Film Discussion


1. Pick two clips from the screening this week – Life is Beautiful. One has to be comedic, and one serious. Attach the clips or gifs in your post. Analyze Benigini’s acting style in the scene. Especially, comment on how he goes from high comedy to serious and tragic moments, and how all of that contributes to the emotional journey of the characters. Comment on the following:

– would you define him as a personality star or an acting star? (refer to lecture slides)

– how would you define his style of acting? (lecture slides)

Moive/film to watch: Life is beautiful 1997 film

Link to Slides:…


Analysis (demonstrates a clear understanding of concepts, combined with personal observations): 6

References to lecture and reading: 3

Engaging Writing Style (intro, grammar and typo proof): 4


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