GERM 1171 University of Connecticut Toni Erdmann by Maren Ade Film Analysis


VIEWING QUESTIONS (your observations are not to be submitted; these questions help you focus and may inspire your contributions to the discussion and then your written film analysis):

  • Family relations / generational challenges?
  • Business culture?
  • Why is the character of the father wearing costumes, disguising himself, playacting?
  • Meaning of the contrast between wearing masks/playacting versus stripping naked?
  • Development of the character of Ines (daughter)?
  • Meaning of Ines singing Whitney Houston’s songGreatest Love of All” (1985)? Which lines are particular relevant for our movie?
  • Final scene: Ines takes her father’s fake teeth and a hat. Meaning?
  • Purpose of the movie’s open end?
  • Comedy?


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