GMU Human Reactions & Response to Corona Pandemic Discussion



Imagining that you are Nietzsche, please write an op-ed or letter to the editor explaining your response to the coronavirus pandemic, including in your piece:

  • What you think the response should have been, both on a societal and individual level
  • How you judge the actual response
  • How you think we should move forward from where we’re at

(You can also just write an essay, if that would be easier.)

As you write your response and argue for it, you will want to defend your position using:

  • Nietzsche’s view of what the human being is
  • Nietzsche’s view of the ultimate goal of human life (i.e. human flourishing)
  • Nietzsche’s position on knowledge, including:
    • Its role in human life and,
    • How we acquire it.

    Note: 3 full double spaced pages. 12-point font, Times New Roman.

I have attached the text.


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