Grossmont College Human Suffering as Part of Human Condition Essay


This reflective well written and structured paper should be of about
3000-word (5 to 6 pages,) double spaced, with one-inch margins, using
Times Roman 12pt font.

The assignment at core is as follow: This is an open topic assignment. You are asked to put two (or more) human literary, artistic and philosophic expressions, OF YOUR CHOICE in a dialogue
with each other as they confront a major issue or question partaking to
“existence in general” and “the human condition” in particular. They
can be opposing or complementing each other

I have links for some examples on how it should look:……

It will be graded like this:

* General impression based
upon your choice of an interesting and well-focused topic, especially
the two literary or/and artistic of your choice and the overall central
argument or core theme of your paper — up to 20 points

* Title page written clearly including personal submission details, and most importantly a title that is focused and clear — up to 10 points

*A clear and well written introduction
including a statement about your intentions and the way you are
planning to execute them, the overall structure behind your work and the
nature of your deliberation.

* Main body where the themes are presented and defended in detail and finely end up forming a unity. up to 30 points

* Concluding part summarizing your personal opinion and reflections. — up to 20 points

* Notes and bibliography of about five resources — up to 10 points.


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