GU Moral Theories Utilitarianism & Kantian Theory & Ethical Egoism Presentation


Moral Theories Presentation

This week’s reading covers a number of moral theories. Out of the seven approaches covered, you will pick three and compare and contrast their similarities and differences. The moral theories you cover must be ones covered in the reading. You will then select the one that you find the most plausible and explain why you regard it as superior to the other two.

Be as detailed as possible. Explain what each theory says about the nature of morality, the fundamental focus of what we ought to do, the role (if any) of principles, consequences, and virtues, and the application of that theory to a specific issue. As an example of the latter, you might compare three theories when it comes to the issue of lying. When (if ever) would lying be permissible and under what circumstances? Or you might pick another issue, such as stealing food to save a starving individual.

The final part of this assignment (which consists of explaining why you regard one of them as superior to the others) should be in standard paragraph format.

You will create a PowerPoint presentation for this assignment. Please follow the guidelines below:

8-10 slides

No more than 40 words per slide (except reference slide)

Include images that support the material on the slides

Must include a title and reference slide (these do not count towards the total number of slides)

Please use these moral theories only, it doesn’t matter which three you pick. v/r ( Consequentialist, Deontological, Non-consequentialist, utilitarianism, ethical egoism, Kant’s theory, Virtue ethics, and ethic of care).


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