Harvard University Evaluate Clarkes Critique of Voluntarism Philosophy Essay


Request: Write a philosophy essay which answers the following questions. There are two questions which need to be answered separately but in the same document. The professor already provided the references to be used so it is best to focus on these one. Each of the answer needs to include its own introduction and conclusion and an academic thesis. The essay needs to be written in APA Format, Times New Roman, 12 ,Double spaced. Each of the prompt from the final essay needs to be answered in 1000 words which means that the final work should be around 2000 words. Please focus on using the references which will be provided once the tutor is selected. The paper needs to use academic language without grammar errors and no plagiarism.

The following represent the two questions for this paper:

Prompt 1.Evaluate Clarke’s critique of voluntarism (explain the voluntarist position and explain Clarke’s argument before you proceed to evaluate it).

Prompt 2 .Prichard and Scanlon argued (or would have argued – since Prichard lived many years before SON was written) that Korsgaard’s Normative Question cannot be taken seriously as a starting point for understanding the nature of normativity. Explain what the normative question is and present Prichard’s and Scanlon’s reactions to that question. Evaluate this debate.


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