How to Become an Antiracist According to Ibram Kendi Discussion


You can find the pages to read at:

Just click at the book image, and you can read the first pages of the book for free.

answer the first two and respond to the classmates answer to the third question

1. How does Kendi argue against the use of the term “racial discrimination”?

2. Should people have the goal of being antiracist? What actions can you take to become an antiracist in your own life?

respond to the classmates answer to the third question. Do you agree or disagree and reason

3. Give an example of a racist idea and of an antiracist idea as Kendi defines them.

– One racist idea that Kendi notes is how, “Black youth don’t value education as much as their non-Black counterparts”. This is important to know because Blacks could think less of themselves when Whites consider them to be “non-studious”. School is important for everyone and when one race has the disadvantage it could bring them down mentally as Kendi said in page six. An anti-racist idea (this is an example outside of the text) is having a party with blacks and whites. Anti-racism in essence is showing the opposite of racism, which supports all races. Having this anti-racist mindset allows the world to be a more welcoming place.


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