HU Hill Collin Conception of Positivism The Philosophical Positivism Theory Essay


HI! I need a final draft of this assignment. It’s a huge chunk (40%) of my grade! Must be extremely well written in MLA format with each party precisely answered thoroughly!! Needs to have great writing and vocabulary! Information must be extremely accurate.


In five (5) pages (that is, in no fewer than five pages, and no more than five and a half pages):

1) explain Hill Collin’s conception of positivism and show how it is exemplified in one, small part of a previously assigned reading of ours;

2) briefly explain Hill Collin’s four dimensions of Black feminist epistemology, then explain in detail the one dimension that interests you the most;

3) show how the one dimension of Black feminist epistemology that you explain in detail in #3 could impact the one part of our previously assigned readings that you detail #1;

4) imagine a fruitful dialogue about what you’ve done in #4, above, between Hill Collins and the author you focus in #1, above.

5) explain what the results of #4 could mean for philosophy classes in general.

Please keep in mind that this is for my philosophy class which means that paper which are not very well written, using academic language, free of plagiarism and grammar errors, won’t be accepted. The subject approached requires some expertise in the philosophy field so this means that the task can be completed only by someone familiar with the field. Any other circumstances might result in a poorly written paper whic hcan not be accepted.

The Materials provided by the professor which are requested in the work are attached. Please use them adequately and cite each of them accordingly.


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