HUM 2230 Central Florida Absolute Power in the Early Modern Period Questions


Short Essay Questions (worth 100 points total, 50 points for each answer): Please answer TWO of the following. Each answer must be 250 words, +/- 5 words.

  1. Chapter 21 of the text discusses absolute power in the early modern period, while chapter 34 discusses totalitarianism in the 20th century. How are these two concepts similar, and how are they different? Use examples from the text or the website.
  2. Outline the rise of individualism in the time since the Renaissance, using at least three thinkers, works of art, or movies we have discussed in the course.
  3. Choose two of the following examples, and describe the ways in which they are modern. NOTE: It is not good enough to just say that it happened recently.
    1. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994.
    2. Miles Davis’ album Kind of Blue
    3. Georges Melies movie A Trip to the Moon.
    4. One of Picasso’s cubist paintings, e.g., Man with a Violin (1911)
    5. Einstein’s theory of relativity
  4. Choose two examples of artists (broadly understood – painters, sculptors, media artists, writers, filmmakers, etc.) who were working at least 50 years apart. Compare the conditions in which they produced their best known or most significant work. What might each have produced if he/she had been working at the time of the other one, and why?

Longer Essay Question (worth 100 points total): There is no specific limit on this question in terms of length, but I am not expecting more than a couple of pages on this.

Imagine that you have been contracted by the textbook publisher for our course text by Fiero to write another chapter, one which reflects significant aspects and themes of the last 10 years and which fills in the gaps of existing chapters. Write an outline and summary for this chapter (not the whole chapter, just an outline, with a summary of the parts of the chapter). In other words, what’s your overall theme or approach, if you want to teach students about the contemporary humanities, which areas would you focus on, and which examples would you choose? Note that in other chapters, there is a connecting central question or theme to which all the content relates – make sure your chapter has that. Note also that the chapters generally include some art, architecture, music, philosophy, and history. Include a rationale for why you would include the aspects of culture that you have.

Please note what I am not asking for. I don’t need you to include or even list every image you would include, every reading excerpt, and all the text that Fiero puts into a chapter (but you can include images if you want). You don’t need to write the chapter, just outline the main content, with some explanation for why you are making the choices you do.

Your answer will be graded on the coherence of your outline and theme, and the ways in which you are able to apply the humanities approach we have developed throughout this term to your subject matter.


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