Human Mind Reasoning and Contemporary Philosophers Article Review


Ideas are everywhere: they are the means by which people attempt to understand the world around them, communicate with others, and change the way things are. Contemporary philosophers often engage with current social problems in order to help us understand those problems better, identify alternative possibilities, and collaborate on solutions.

The Article Review invites you to engage in learning about philosophy in the contemporary world through a philosopher’s writing in a popular magazine, news source, or other media outlet.


  1. Choose an article from the list below. Look for something that interests you and that you think is relevant and important. You may also work on an article not on the list below if it was a) written by a professional philosopher (PhD or graduate student), b) published in a major publication, and c) is relatively current (from the past 5 years).
  2. Read the article and take notes on it. Try to identify the main points of the article; most articles will be presenting a particular perspective or main claim (thesis). In addition to identifying the main point, also look for supporting arguments, specialized vocabulary that needs explanation, and any ideas that need clarification. Also think about the issues that the article addresses and their importance.
  3. Write a 500-700 word review of the article. Think of this as a synopsis of the article, but also give it your own voice and provide your own critical lens with which to view the article. Here are some questions to consider, but you may also create your own questions:
    1. What ideas are especially important and why?
    2. What challenges the status quo?
    3. Is there anything in the article that seems incorrect? If so, what, and why?
    4. What is your own take on these issues?
  4. Upload your article review here on Blackboard by clicking on this assignment and uploading a .docx or .pdf file.


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