JWU ?Initial Illustrations of Witches in The European Regions Discussion


By now you should have started working on writing your final paper. Please submit your rough draft here for review. The draft does not have to be complete, but you should have at minimum the open paragraph and 3 pages written. Reminder this paper should be 6-10 pages in length.


  • Witches in film or television

Your rough draft should include:

  • An introduction paragraph
  • Your thesis statement
  • 3 pages of written text
  • The remainder of your outline that you still have left to write
  • Your sources
  • Paper formatted to MLA formatting standards.

This should be submitted as a word doc and uploaded to ulearn. This is a complete/incomplete assignment. If you turn in your thesis and outline you will receive 100 points, if you do not turn it in you will receive 0 points. I will provided feedback on your rough draft, that you are expected to incorporate into your final draft. Reminder plagiarism is not acceptable.


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