Laramie County Community College Data Privacy Analytical Review


You will analyze this case using the Seven Step Method. This will be in the form of a paper of no less than 7 pages. A rubric is attached to this assignment.

These individual case analyses will be informed by everything we have discussed so far in class and should follow the 7 Step Guide for Ethical Decision Making. However, this is a paper not a list. The most common mistake students make in this paper is just using the guide as a template. I don’t want that; I want you to write a paper that demonstrates you can apply the Guide without being beholden to it.

It is incredibly important that you address the major normative ethical theories we discussed in class (Deontology, Virtue ethics, utalitarianism, care ethics). In addition, discuss who the stakeholders are, Friedman/Freeman, Carr, the concept of corporate social responsibility, the what this case demonstrates about the importance of ethics and ethical behavior to today’s business world, and what this case tells you about the competing and complementary role of business and government.

You must include some reflection on what was most import in your decision making process, and why.


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