LC 29 GMU The Reasons for Studying Philosophy and Philosopher Perspectives Essay


An article about . . . why you should study philosophy!

link for the article :…

He makes some awesome points about philosophy! The idea that philosophy is just another subject that you study in school is a very contemporary idea, and not at all the reason why many, many people throughout history have pursued philosophy.

If you read the article, please do the following tasks:

Task 1:

  • Make a list of the different reasons that Ryan gives for why to study philosophy
  • Name the philosopher/thinkers mentioned by Ryan in the article who:
    • Lived in: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Classical Greece, the Roman Empire
    • We read in class!

Task 2: Write a paragraph about the reason given in the article for why to study philosophy that spoke to you most strongly (and include why that is!)

Task 3: Write a paragraph about which philosopher that we have met in class (thus far) either who either most truly lived life as a philosopher or who gave the best advice about how to live and think about reality (and include why that is!)

Task 4: Write a paragraph about how your views about philosophy were in August 2019, and how (or if) those views have changed (and include why that is!)


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