LDR 1100 Boston Qualities of Good Leader & Benefits of Good Leadership Discussion


LDR 1100 Leadership Philosophy

“The Kind of Leader I Want To Be”

Do These Things: 

  • Define Leadership. Do library and/internet research plus use what you have learned in class to come up with this definition.
  • Tell your leadership goals for while you are at Troy and in your future after graduation.
  • Tell what leadership characteristics you want to possess and why.
  • Tell what leadership style(s) you will use as you lead. 

Follow These Guidelines:

  • Write in the first person; this is about you and your plans and ideas.
  • Length is approximately 500 words. (This is approximately 2-3 pages, double spaced.)  It is best to write a 700-800 word rough draft and then edit.
  • Use 12 point, Times New Roman Font, double-spaced with 1 inch top and bottom margins and 1 1/4 inch side margins.
  • Follow the normal, basic rules of grammar.
  • Use the spell-check and grammar-check on your word processing software to eliminate needless errors.
  • Submit your paper on time. Start it soon, write it early, review it often.
  • Spend lots of time on it before submission; have others read it and make suggestions.
  • Paper Header
    • Centered; place the course title on line 1,
    • next include the following words on line 2 My Leadership Philosophy
    • and finally, student name  on line 3


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