Letter from The Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King Jr Essay


Choose one argument and evaluate it according to these parameters:

  1. Determine whether it seems to be a deductive or inductive argument, and why.
  2. Determine whether the premises really support the conclusion: does the conclusion logically follow? Is the argument complete, or are there parts missing (for instance: missing evidence)? Is it valid (if deductive) or strong (if inductive)?
  3. Determine whether you believe the premises are true, and why (what examples/experiences/knowledge do you have that supports them). Is it sound (if deductively valid) or cogent (if inductively strong)?
  4. Determine whether there may be any bias in the argument, and whether such bias affects the persuasiveness of the argument.
  5. Determine whether the argument is persuasive: is it convincing? Is there a counterargument or objection possible that might challenge this argument?
  • Please submit the file in Word or PDF format (if you use Google docs, Mac Pages, or some other word processing format, please Google search how to ‘Export As’ or ‘Save As’ one of the accepted filetypes).
  • Be sure to include proper formatting for an assignment (your name, the class, and the assignment name at the top) and title your evaluation using the argument you’ve chosen below to evaluate (e.g., “Evaluation of Socrates’ Argument that a Just Person Doesn’t Harm”).
  • The argument evaluation should address all 5 questions in at least 250-300 words and be cited properly (grounded in the text evaluated).
  • This is not an essay, and does not need to be in essay form; you may number your document 1-5 and simply answer each question below.


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