Los Angeles Pierce College The Prison Industrial Complex Analysis Paper


I really appreciate the help on this assignment I know I just cannot do

I have attached the prompt to this essay as a file.

There are many detailed instructions so please read the prompt carefully

First read chapter 15 pg. 257 of the attached text book on “Developing a Moral Outlook”

You can choose between these topics for the essay:

  • environmental racism
  • Healthcare racism
  • Economic racism
  • Political racism
  • diverse Race in relationships/ marriage and frowned upon by society
  • Prison–industrial complex/ racism in the justice system This is an argumentative essay so you must do research using the websites on the prompt under “Where to Look” You must prove that this is actually problem and that it actually exists WITHOUT using proof from the MEDIA. Decide your moral outlook on this topic using one of three philosophers ethical theories: Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, Kant’s Deontological Ethics, Mill’s Utilitarianism.
    ONCE YOU CHOOSE WHICH PHILOSOPHER YOU WANT TO USE AND THE TOPIC, I WILL SEND YOU ADDITIONAL LECTURE NOTES, READINGS, AND ARTICLES. My professor is a tough grader so please try your best to follow the instructions carefully and I will help you a lot with choosing quotes from the reading etc. I will try to help you a lot.


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