MGT 500 Colorado State Global Campus Theory Building & Theory Testing Question


I don’t know where to begin with this… I feel like i’m reading a different language. What are they asking me for? To make up off the top of my head a random theory?

OPTION #1: Theory Building and Theory Testing: A Theory at The Individual Level

We are all theorists. That is, we build theories every day. However, a theory that is not tested is a stereotype. Practitioners and researchers of organizational behavior create and apply theories at one of three levels of analysis. That is, practitioners and researchers create and apply theories at the individual level, at the group level and at the organizational level.

Using Appendix A’s Exhibit A1A: A Model Depicting the Scientific Method, and drawing on your personal observations, create a theory that can be used to explain and predict behaviors at the individual level. Fully explain the theory’s constructs, propositions, and boundaries.

Using Appendix A’s Exhibit A2A: A Model of the Empirical Research Process, create a means to test the theory. State the study’s research question(s), hypothesis/hypotheses, research design, and variables used. Tell how the hypothesis/hypotheses would be tested.


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