MSUB Feminism and the Ethics of Care Paper


Reaction Papers


There will be three reaction papers this semester that should be three pages long, double-spaced, in Times

New Roman, 12 point font. These papers require you to summarize the material and detail your reaction to

it. You are to select a work we have covered, identify the author and title of the work, write an informative

summary of the material, condense the content of the work by highlighting its main points and key

supporting points, use direct quotation to illustrate important ideas in the work, and keep the summary

objective and factual. The papers should also include your personal reaction to the reading, whether you

agree/disagree with the author and why, how it has changed your thinking or expanded it, how is the work

related to present-day problems, how is it related to your life, experiences and/or indicate whether the work

is accurate, complete, organized, etc.


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