Oakton Community College Ethical Frameworks or Philosophers Essay


Discuss which ONE of the ethical frameworks or philosophers we have studied challenges your beliefs the most. By challenge, I am asking which raises valid doubts or forces you to consider alternatives and extensions to your existing understanding of how you judge between right and wrong and behave as an ethical person. You will need to directly cite our readings and materials in constructing your reflection (choose and integrate your quotes well, at least 1 quote per paragraph). The way to apply philosophers is to be able to think beyond the examples they mention to include similar examples that are relevant to you. For example, Kant’s universalism may inspire you to think about other universal value systems (many religions, for instance). You can update Aristotle for the 21st century. Your quotes do not need to do more than give us a solid starting point for following how the philosopher/system has pushed you to think differently.

Thinks we talked about in this class

– Noddings Ethics of Care

Aristotle and Virtue Ethics

-Jean Paul Sartre: Divine Command Theory, Natural Law Theory, and Kant


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