Oakton Community College The Ethics of Questioning Authority Essay


Read Lee McBride III’s “Insurrectionist Ethics and Racism,” which examines the need for militant resistance to Anti-Black racism through the work of philosopher and activist Angela Davis. This essay is the most formally philosophically one, but still very inspiring.

I expect that you will be writing 4-5 paragraphs in response to this prompt.

Quoting directly from the readings 1) describe the events (personal experiences and political issues) that motivate their writing (examples include COVID-19, authoritarianism, institutional racism), 2) quote and then paraphrase in your own words the moral and political values they advocate in their writing, and 3) find 2-3 concrete examples of ACTIONS that they believe one can take in order to oppose systemic violence and oppression. Finally, please reflect on your own attitudes toward questioning authority. We are obviously reading authors who believe that it is ethically necessary to question authority, but there is no right or wrong answer here. Please just genuinely consider why and why not and in which contexts you believe it is ethically important to challenge the status quo.


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