PHI 103 AU Wk 5 At Party Yesterday Did You Taste the Cake that Rachel Made Discussion


The assignment for the Week 5 Discussion is as follows:

1. Sometimes, you hear or read a statement that has an ambiguous word or expression, and this ambiguity allows you to interpret the statement in two (or more) different ways. Think of an example of this and then imagine the ambiguous statement occurring as a premise in an argument.

For the first part of the prompt, provide an example of an argument with a premise that contains an ambiguous word or expression, where that ambiguity allows us to interpret the argument either charitably or uncharitably. Then offer both a charitable and an uncharitable interpretation of the argument. (It’s possible to have fun with this, but you may have to think for a bit about an ambiguous expression you’ve seen or heard recently).

Here’s an example:

A waitress in a diner asserts the following argument:

(P) “The ham sandwich left without paying.”

(C) “Somebody’s going to jail!”

Uncharitable reading: ‘That’s crazy. A ham sandwich can’t literally “leave,” much less leave without paying. There’s no reason to think anybody’s going to jail.’

Charitable reading: ‘The customer who ordered the ham sandwich left without paying. Technically, that’s theft. So, maybe somebody is going to jail.’

2. Second, raise an original question that occurred to you as you read Chapter 9


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