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Written Assignment: Ethical Issues

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Step 1: Research an article (published within the last 6 months) that focuses on an incident, event, or story that you think highlights an ethical issue. All articles submitted in this course must come from a reliable source to earn credit. *It is critical that you maintain either a PDF copy or working hyperlink to the online version of the article you chose.

  • Helpful Hint – If you ever have trouble with research you should consider consulting the experts via the Ask-A-Librarian link in the Begin Here Module

Step 2: You will write a summary/reaction paper. Follow the format below, with emphasis on properly stating the ethical issue.

Don’t forget you are free to look for good ethical conduct as well as bad (though bad ethical conduct is always easier to find since it is not the norm).


Use whatever writing format you are most comfortable with (APA, MLA, etc.).

Include your name, the professor’s name, the course name and the date.

Give your paper a title (relating it to the article or issue you identified).

Include a Work Cited Page and Word Count.

  • Section 1
    • Provide a summary of the article in your own words (this is your chance to let me know what the author is trying to communicate about the topic/issue, but paraphrased and/or using direct quotations selectively).
    • As needed, review the Understanding Plagiarism and How to Avoid Plagiarism activities in Module 1
  • Section 2
    • In one sentence (in the form of a question, and remaining impartial) state the (one) main ethical issue you identified in the article. If there are multiple ethical issues, select the one that you think is the main issue for consideration.
    • Utilize bold font so your main ethical issue is highlighted.
  • Section 3
    • Share your reaction to the article. While the first section focuses on the author’s perspective, this section is about YOUR perspective. Where do you agree or disagree with the author? What points resonated with you, or what questions do you have? Any other thoughts you want to share?
  • Word Count
    • Include a word count at the end of your last section (inclusive of the paper text only, not heading, and not work cited page).
    • There is a 250 word minimum for this assignment.
  • Works Cited Page
    • Include proper citations for all sources used (which will include at a minimum the article you chose, and also may include the course textbook or other external sources).


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