PHI 210 SLU Service Activity Analysis Offering Services & Countering Challenges Outline


If you are planning to do a Service Activity Analysis for the final assignment, you will need to complete a 50-100 word outline. Your final Service Activity Analysis (due Module 8) will be assessed for depth, breadth, and judgment, and you will be responsible for answering the questions in the case as they pertain to your service activity. You may proceed with the service activity option only if you have received prior approval by the instructor, who may ask for further clarification.

When you save your document, please make sure it includes the format: “Firstname Lastname–SA Outline”

For ideas as to how to present and format a scenario highlighting your service activity experience, please follow the examples provided by the cases in Ruggiero’s Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues. The case you construct based on your service activity should be similar in format to the many examples you can find in that source.

Book to use:

Ethical Choices An Introduction to Moral Philosophy with Cases Yvonne Raley, Professor Richard Burnor


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