PHI 2600 California Baptist Point of View of Kreon in Philosophies Discussion


the “Antigone.”

Briefly and clearly and PERTINENTLY (leaving aside irrelevant details in terms of the overall plot of the tragedy), what happens upon Tiresias’ departure in terms of the ACTIONS that Kreon finally DECIDES to undertake? Why does he “change is Ethos,” his attitude (which when Haimon asked him to consider he refused)? What does he proceed to do? What does he find upon trying to RIGHT his (now acknowledged) “error”? What is his “experience of the event as a result, from his own point of view, as he expresses it AFTER the MESSENGER has REPORTED the story of what happened, to the Chorus lamentation?

Be clear and focus on KREON’s point of view; the report by the messenger merely recounts what Kreon directly first person singular experienced; and then Kreon himself TALKS and TELLS how he “feels” (his passion or affection) about the just happened events: focus on Kreon’s REACTION to the event and what he SAYS in clear words; DO NOT put your (modern psychological American) interpretation on his GREEK sense of ‘SUFFERING


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