PHI 301 PMI Deductive Arguments by Filling in The Conclusion Questions


This assignment has two parts. Make sure you complete both parts for full credit.

Part 1: Complete the following deductive arguments by filling in the conclusion (2 points each).

P: Celtic fans hate the Lakers.

P: Nancy loves the Celtics.


P: All the members of the track team shaved their heads

P: Mike is on the track team.


P: If it didn’t rain today, I’d have to water my roses.

P: I didn’t have to water my roses.


P: I can take Broadway, Speedway, or 22nd to get to work.

P: 22nd and Broadway are closed for construction.


P: If Karen publishes 3 articles she can keep her job.

P: Karen published 2 articles.


Part 2: Write four deductive arguments of your own, including the premises and conclusions. Please make the form valid and the conclusion sound. You can format them as classic syllogisms, or you may use a chain argument or another type of deductive argument if you prefer.

Points Possible: 29

Part 1: 2 points for each conclusion (10 total)

Part 2: 4 points for each argument (16 total)

3 points for writing level (LEVEL 2)


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