PHIL 110 SJSU Religion & Evolution the Galileo Defense of The Bible Discussion


Submit your numbered answers as a text entry.

1. Explain the following passage from the Galileo film in your own words (about 100 words):

…what about Joshua at the Battle of Gibeon when he commanded the Sun and not the Earth to stand still.”

NARRATOR: In the Book of Joshua, the Lord halts the movement of the Sun allowing the Israelites a bit more daylight to defeat their enemies. This, and a half dozen other biblical passages, seemed to suggest that it was the Sun which moved, not the Earth. The Grand Duchess Christina worried that her new court philosopher was contradicting the Bible.

Galileo answered Madama Christina with a letter that went far beyond astronomy.

GALILEO: Yeah, I agreed to…with Madama Christina, that the Holy Scripture never lies. The decrees contained therein are absolutely true and inviolable. Now, I should have added that, though the scripture never errs, its interpreters and expounders are liable to err in many things, when they base themselves, always, on the literal meaning of the words.

DAVA SOBEL: Galileo was honest when he said that if the Bible seemed to say something different from what science said, then you had just misinterpreted the Bible.

GALILEO: I believe that the Holy Writ exists in order to persuade men of the truths necessary for salvation. But it’s, it’s not necessary that the same God that gave us our speech and our senses, our intellects, would have us put aside those things, particularly in the case of, of, of, of science, where it’s…there’s not the smallest mention in the Holy Bible. I mean, if the Sacred Scribes meant to teach men astronomy, then why did they leave it out?

2. Briefly explain the theories of evolution and natural selection in your own words (about 50 words).

3. How much were you taught about Darwin, evolution, and natural selection in high school or secondary school (about 10 to 25 words)?

4. Summarize one of the examples in “Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?” and its importance in your own words (about 50 words).

5. Information and misinformation about Covid-19 have been all around us for several months. Did the “Where Do New Viruses Come From” video gives you the information you didn’t already know? (about 10-25 words)Show the video to one other person. Then ask that person if they found it a worthwhile use of 10 minutes. What was their answer? (about 10 to 25 words).


What was the role of the Popes in the Renaissance?:…

Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens 1:

Nova Page for Galileo:…

What is Evolution?:

What is Natural Selection?:

Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter?:

Where Do New Viruses Come From?:


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