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Discussion Board.

We are currently living through the worst pandemic that the U.S. has faced in a long time. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Medical personnel are risking their lives and the lives of their families to treat the sick. If there was ever a time that we needed to “come together” and cooperate it is now. Of course, in any ordinary time, severe restrictions on where people can go and when would be unacceptable. The same seems to hold true regarding the requirement to wear a mask in public places. But this is no ordinary time.

Now, as you probably know, many of the restrictions that have been put in place during the pandemic have been controversial – including the requirement to wear a mask. The controversy reminds me of John Stuart Mill’s “Harm Principle.” The Harm Principle, as you learned from this week’s reading and video, says that the restriction of freedom is legitimate when necessary to prevent harm to others. It’s the idea that my rights end where yours begin. So, after reading this week’s reading and watching this week’s videos, here’s the question to consider: Can the requirement to wear a mask in public places be seen as a reasonable measure to prevent the actions of some individuals from harming others?

PHI 2100: Reading Review #8

The reading for this week addresses Mill’s “Harm Principle” and is included in this week’s module.

1. What is Mill’s Harm Principle and what are some issues that need to be addressed when applying it?

Reading: Mill’s “Harm Principle”

Please click on the following link for this week’s reading!,English%20philosopher%20John%20Stuart%20Mill.

2 Videos :


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