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Marcus Aurelius!

Hello, I have some work to do , everything is explained below. make sure to watch videos ans answer the questions

1- After watching this week’s video lecture on Marcus Aurelius, think back to the illustration of “Gyges’ Ring” that was included in Week #1 of the course. (You may want to rewatch the video if you need a refresher!) The questions I would ask you to consider are: Does the example of Marcus Aurelius support Plato’s view that the wise individual would *not* use the ring for evil? Does the example of Marcus Aurelius show that “virtue is its own reward”? Does the example of Marcus Aurelius disprove the idea that “everyone always acts selfishly”? Lastly, please state one or two ideas from the video that stood out for you. (Gyge’s video) (Marcus Aurelius video)

Also you have to answer these questions below :

Reading Review questions:

The reading for this week will be pages 35-45 and 47-57 from GT.

1. In Section 2 (of our first reading) Epicurus offers his argument for why we should not fear death. Please summarize this argument.

2. In Section 6 (of our second reading) Epictetus characterizes those things that are both within our power and beyond our power. Please summarize these characterizations. What is the effect of our pursuing those things that are within our power and those that are not?

3. In Section 7 (of our second reading) Epictetus reminds us that each of us is “an actor in a drama.” What does he mean by this? What is he trying to teach us?

Note: Response for Reading Review questions should be at least three complete sentences in length!


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