PHIL 3015 Abortion Legal or not Analysis Paper


The topic for Analysis 3: Using Chapter 9( I provided the textbook in the files), choose one of the topics of debate, and locate a current philosophical argument on the same topic. Write a critique of that argument that identifies and analyzes the argument and then explain how it does or does not apply to the topic (for example, gender identity, immigration, etc.).

You must choose two who are on different sides of the debate. Clearly articulate the key premise and key supports of each and conclude with a critique paragraph that argues for the other.

Submission Requirements:

  • This essay should be a minimum of three pages and should address the topic below.
  • The primary texts in the chapter must be used and cited appropriately – you must provide evidence for your argument.
  • All quotations (lines from the texts) must be included grammatically in your own sentences and commented on specifically.
  • Outside sources should not be used at any point in this essay.
  • Remember to use our discussions as a starting point to frame your argument – our discussions are specifically designed to allow you to do so.
  • Please be sure to cite sources used both within your essay and as a separate works cited page. You must use MLA Style and Format.

Remember that there are additional resources in the course to help you develop this essay:…

Grading: You will be evaluated and graded using the Essay Rubric( in the files)


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